Sprout Summit 2017

12th October 2017 in Melbourne Australia

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12th October 2017 – Melbourne, Australia.

Sprout Summit is focused on helping founders of social enterprises and for purpose businesses flourish by equipping them with the practical tools, processes and insights to build organisations that can drive successful change and create real positive impact in our society.

Each year we feature an exciting line up of speakers with experience starting some of Australia’s most innovative non-profits, social enterprises and for purpose businesses, this is a must attend event for any social entrepreneur.

Whether you are just getting started on your social enterprise, b-corp, not-for-profit, for purpose business or you have been on the path of social entrepreneur for a while now, you’ll benefit from the practical insights and tools you can gain by attending Sprout Summit.

Speakers and Sessions

Helen Barclay Managing Director, EnviroDNA
The Non-scientist: My Six-month Report Card
I’m six months in as Managing Director of EnviroDNA, a bio-tech startup that can take a drop of water and tell you ‘what lives here?’. It’s my job to ensure we are not only developing amazing science and technology but that it is truly valuable for the customer. We’re currently developing products and services for markets like waterway and environmental management, biosecurity management, to potentially Joe – down the street, who wants to know what’s living in their pond.

It’s all very exciting. It’s also all very scientific, and I am not a scientist. On any given day I can be found pondering feelings of ‘imposter syndrome’ or high-fiving randoms in the street moments after clarity and breakthrough. From the decision to take on the challenge of growing this business for-purpose, through to the learnings and challenges I have faced so far, I’m looking forward to sharing the red-pen moments of my ongoing (self written!) report card.

George Liacos Managing Director, Spark Strategy
The Four Steps to Designing a Sustainable Business Model
Successfully designing and implementing a sustainable business model is the holy grail for a for-purpose business. Spark Strategy’s core business is to work with social sector organisations to maximise impact and develop financial resilience. In this session, George will share with you our four step process to design a sustainable business model, which turns strategy on its head.

Ash Rosshandler Chief Executive Officer, GoodCompany & Founder, Karma Currency
The GoodCompany Journey – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Join Ash Rosshandler as he takes you behind the scenes of creating GoodCompany – Australia’s first Unified Workplace Giving, Fundraising, Volunteering and Rewards platform. Ash will share the highs and the lows and the many, many mistakes. And he’ll share what it takes to create a platform that has funnelled over $10 million to 1500 charities and facilitated over 180,000 hours of volunteering.

Rita Nehme Co-founder and Executive Director, SteerNorth
Steering Towards Social Impact
Rita will share the challenges, wins and learnings that she faced on her journey of establishing Steer North. She will give us insights on the process of turning Steer North from a crazy idea into reality.

Steer North is a health promotion charity whose purpose is to inspire and empower people to live healthy, active and creative lives. Steer North’s health promotion programs are delivered to local communities across Australia through epic cycling journeys.

Richard Evans Managing Director, Talent Nation
How to Attract, and Retain, the Right Team
Your people are your most important asset – they can grow your business and increase the positive impact you are making. On the other hand, the wrong employees can be catastrophic and destroy the brand and culture you have worked hard to build. In this session we will explore the questions you need to ask yourself when recruiting the right people that you need to support the growth of your organisation. We will then look at practical measures you can undertake to uncover the talent, and then attract them to join you, maximising the potential of your organisation.

Warwick Peel Co-founder, Future Directors Institute & Startup Boardroom
How #Socent Founders can Scale and Capacity Build via a Growth Advisory Board
So, the stats just keep coming, 95% of Startups fail and the jury is not yet determined in metrics but the mental health battles for Founders are also significant. The role of a Founder/CEO is a lonely existence, and the roadmap to success is unknown, it is unchartered waters, so why do we do it? What is the solution?

Social Enterprise Founders play the game of startups for social impact because they are intrinsically driven to steer the change, to be the change. But at what cost? Why do we not construct the right support around us? Why do we not embrace the tools at our disposal? Warwick Peel is a startup founder and social pioneer who has built teams and companies from bootstrap through to exit, he’s a social impact change agent through being Co-Founder Future Directors Institute and NED and he’s also on the board of the United Nations Association on Victoria. He’ll educate us on how to consider mentors and even better ‘advisors’ who can help support Founders on their journey, who can help plug you into their trusted networks, open up the investor rolodex, who can strengthen you mental health support. He will open up your thinking to realise that is doesn’t have to be a lonely and hard slog of a journey, even as a solo founder, you can be bigger than you.

Jay Boolkin Co-founder, Social Change Central
Back to Basics: The Four Cs of Effective Social Entrepreneurship
Drawing on conversations with hundreds of social entrepreneurs as well as his personal experience, Jay shares what he considers to be the four components most commonly identified as essential to social entrepreneurial success. Whether you are just starting out or already well on your way, the four Cs are the linchpin for any social entrepreneur who wants to grow and develop their business and themselves.

Morgan Koegel Chief Executive Officer, One Girl
Making it Personal: Secrets of Rapid Growth
As the 25-year-old CEO of a rapidly growing not-for-profit, Morgan has an idea or two about how to create a point of difference with other organisations. Expect to walk away from this session thinking about your “why” and be on the road to creating a unique voice in your future communications.

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About Sprout Summit

The aim of Sprout Summit is to equip social entrepreneurs and change-makers with the practical tools, processes and insights to drive successful change and create positive impact in society.

Each year we feature an exciting line up of speakers with experience starting some of Australia’s most innovative non-profits, social enterprises and for purpose businesses, this is a must attend event for any social entrepreneur.

Who should attend?

Are you a current or a future founder? If you are an emerging leader or social entrepreneur who wants to start or has already started a non-profit, social enterprise or business for good then this is the event for you.

Sprout Summit is a one-day event for emerging leaders and social entrepreneurs like you, who want to create positive impact by starting their own non-profit, social enterprise or business that does good.

This is a must-attend event for highly motivated emerging leaders who want meet like-minded individuals and cover essential knowledge required to run a successful social enterprise.

Why this event?

There has never been a more pressing need for social entrepreneurs who want to create positive impact and change in society by starting a social enterprise, charity, non-profit organisation or business with purpose.

The leaders and entrepreneurs taking on the tough challenge of making our world a better place, need a forum to find guidance and connect with their peers – thus Sprout Summit was born.

Sprout Summit is part of the Better Boards Conference – Australasia’s largest governance and leadership conference for non-profit board members and chief executive officers.

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